How to install CrDroid v7.0 on POCO F1 Based on Android 11

  • What is a CrDroid v7.0?
  • CrDroid main things you can customize
  • Features of CrDroid v7.0
  • POCO F1 mobile special features
  • Features of Xiaomi POCO F1
  • How to install CrDroid v7.0 on POCO F1
  • Bugs

So what is this CrDroid v7.0?

  • First is a status bar
  • The second is a lock screen
  • Notification
  • And also buttons
  • Quick settings
  • Recent screen
  • User interface
  • Finally Sounds and mic

Here are some Features of CrDroid v7.0

  • ROM OS version is: — Android 11
  • ROM Kernel is:- Linux 4.9
  • Based on:- Lineage OS
  • Status is:- Beta

Some features you should know about Xiaomi POCO F1

  • 6.18 inch with Full HD Display
  • Material is plastic
  • Also, this phone powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon
  • Adreno 630 GPU
  • Massive 8 GM of RAM
  • Has a super dual-camera and real setup
  • 12 MP and 5 MP camera sensors
  • The front-facing camera is a 20 — Megapixel

Step by step installation guide for you

TWRP on your POCO smartphone

  • First:- ADB, and Reboot Bootloader
  • Second:- Fastboot Devices
  • Third:- Fastboot Flash Recovery in your mobile “TWRP filename.img” and click the Enter
  • Fourth:- Finally, Type “Fastboot reboot” and click Enter
  • Greate, Enjoy with your TWRP file mow it is on your smartphone

CrDroid v7.0 instruction of installation guide

  • The first step is to Reboot your Device using TWRP Mode as follow
  • The second step is you need to Wipe cache in your TWRP mode, And also data, Dalvik cache.
  • The third step is, Click the Install button and Navigate CrDroid v7.0 custom ROM then Flash it on your mobile devices
  • Follow the steps above to install GApps on your mobile device
  • Finally, Reboot your mobile device after your installations are successfully completed
  • Great, Then, enjoy with your CrDroid v7.0

Here is the best version of crDroid (officially) that is supported on 9 OEMs 40 devices coming from.

  • POCO
  • ASUS
  • LeEco
  • Meizu
  • Motorola
  • Redmi
  • Xiaomi Mi
  • Oneplus
  • Nothing, If you find any let me know
  • Lineage OS
  • Mustang_ssc





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